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I live in India. It is difficult to tell you who I am. Multiple roles, multiple tasks and multiple projections-all inextricably intertwined. Therefore, I prefer to gain my identity through you. Through each one of you who interact with me online or offline, directly or indirectly, consciously or otherwise.

It is natural for an ordinary human to depend on the people around him to understand and redesign his identity. Yes, like CH Cooley's 'looking glass self'! So, go ahead and let me know..what you think about me…. 

Why the title ‘Beyond Iron Cage’ for my blog Cyber Diary? Freedom is Bliss. But it is very difficult to freely express what you want to. We all live in cages, that cannot be broken easily. By fate or through choice. We are bound by relationships. We are bound by certain norms and institutions. We are also bound by establishments we work for. It is not desirable always to express our ideas and suggestions to particular individuals, collectivities or establishments. Birds do sing beautiful songs, even when they are cornered inside the cage, and even when they are silent (or silenced..). But that silence means a lot to the world. 

   So…… sibi5555(gmail)

28th December 2012

  I am forced to add following lines  to 'About me' from today, 28th December 2012. This is because, a few of my readers asked me to inform them about my academic credentials. They say, such a disclosure would be more inspirational and also trigger a feeling of authenticity to the views expressed in the articles. So here it is...
  • Studied Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for my Degree Course.
  • University topper for the  MA Degree in Sociology and winner of the Gold Medal.
  • Specialized in Sociology of Youth for Post Graduation
  • Passed two-year MPhil from the Center for the Study of Social Systems, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University with A Grade.
  • Specialized in 'Environmental Movements' during MPhil
  • Doctorate in the area of Fiscal Sociology/Sociology of Taxation
  • Post Graduation (Two year course)  in Public Policy and Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore with A Grade
  • LLB from Karnataka State Law University (College topper)
  • Recipient of UGC Research Fellowship
  • Nominated by the Government of India for Commonwealth Fellowship
  • Recipient of gold medals from National Police Academy, National Academy of Direct Taxes and University of Kerala
  • Author of the book 'Making People Pay: The Economic Sociology of Taxation'
  • Author of various research articles and project reports
  • Completed course on 'International Public Policy'  from Maxwell School of Public Policy', Syracuse University, United States  
  • Completed course on ' Corporate Taxation and Advocacy skills' from Duke University, United States. 
  • Competed training on 'Money Laundering', 'Cyber Crimes', 'Capital Markets' etc from various academic institutions. 
  • Recipient of various awards and letters of appreciation from various organizations where I worked.
  • Cyber Diary is my stress buster and red light musings beyond the iron cage.
  • Current position: Adviser to a Regulatory Authority in India
(The more I learn, I find, how much ignorant I am. And that shatters my ego. Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge adds only pain. Degrees are just an ornament to your title. It doesn't add value to your life and personality)

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